The dress-up party hats

Today I am going to introduce two sets of dress up party hats.

As following picture shows,there are six hats that have different shape and kinds—-owl,elephant, crown, colorful feather hair band,banana and helmet with horns. It is perfect for Halloween,birthday,etc. Kids can play a makeup game, each playing a different role,the party will be very interesting. In addition to children, adults also can wear it to make the party more lovely and vivid.

About the quality, as this hat is designed from high quality material ,it can use over and over again. And if you mess up the hat or stink, you can wash it by your hand and use warm soapy water to clean it. It is really worth buying because it can be reused. What ‘s more, most of the customers said the hat was a good size and fit for children, it didn’t fall while the party time.This hat has a wide variety of options to make your party colorful.

As shown in the figure, next is the cartoon party hats with three different color dinosaur heads—purple, chartreuse and grey. There are eyes ,nose, and teeth on its face. And teeth are not sharp at all,it is all foam and soft,children can wear the vivid and lovely hat safely.

As for the number of hats,you will receive a dozen of hat of these three colors. If you are going to hold a dress up party, roles a dinosaur is a not bad choice ,especially for the boys. But there is a shortcoming, it is that the hat will fade and if you have light hair ,such as the blond hair,it will be evident. Some customers said that when they remove the hat that wore for a long time, they found their blond hair appeared a bright shade of pink. So if this happen to you, choose carefully.

For my part, I would recommend the first option, for it is manifold and it is suitable for all occasions.

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