The Cone Party Hats With Cartoon Stickers

Today there are some birthday party hats with the decoration of cartoon stickers.

First, like the picture ,you can clearly find out that the accessories are separate from the hats,it means that you can DIY your party hats in any way you like.

Its size is 4.5’’ diameter* 6.8’’ tall, which is suitable for kids or adults. The hats have various color ,light color or dark color. They can be seen as animals’ face, and you can add eye 、mouth, even mustache on the hat. What’s more,there is a pom pom stand on each hat. It is perfect for children’s parties ,not only because the cute patterns but the kids can have fun from it by assemble it themselves.

The only downside is that many customers think the pom poms would not stay affixed to the top of the hats because the sticky adhesives do not work well.

Next is mainly decorated with cartoon animals stickers. Having different kinds of animals,such as dog、shark、deer and so on. Kids can assemble hats’ ‘’ears’’ themselves and explore fun of DIY. Bringing more enjoyment to the party while making the hats and decorating it .

Its size: Height- 17cm/ 6.7″, width-11.4cm/ 4.5″. Fit any age. At the time when people can not go outside to play ,it is fun to hold a party at home and assemble party hats with friends.

According to the reviews ,the deficiency of this product is that the string is too long to wear,it is unfriendly to kids.

Last, from the picture, it is easy to learn that this is the theme of dinosaurs. Colorful dinosaur party hats can spice up the party. It also can stimulate children’s fun and curiosity.

It is a striped hat which will be flat when you receive it. Dinosaurs’ angle had already fix on the hats.,you just need to add the parts of dinosaurs’ body.It is perfect to finish it with your kids or friends to enhance the practical ability and improve the relationship.

Its size: Dinosaur hats: 13 x 8.4 inches.Rope: 19.7 inches.DIY card and sticker: 11.8 x 7.9 inches. A perfect size. With many stickers to decorate the hats, making the hats more vivid.If you are going to hold a party for a baby boy, I think this cone party hat is a good choose.

However, something need to grow of this hat is that the hat is easy to popped open,reason for the strip glue dots didn’t hold. If the hat and decorations can be more sturdy ,I think it will be perfect.

Overall, these three party hats have their faults,but I think the advantages of the third one is outweigh its disadvantages. It really can get the child’s attention and its appearance looks great. Highly recommended this party hat if you have kids at home or want to celebrate with a party.

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