The Cone Birthday Party hats

There are party hats from two different shops.

One is from the Vesil Store ,this set of hats is dark color and has different pattern in each hat,like some are decorated with white or colorful wave dots,which has large dots and small dots, others are decorated with white lines. What’s more, on the top of the party hats, there is a cute pom poms,and it also has different color,making the hat more vivid. Except for the cone hats, there are two crowns which are silver and gold. And when you receive the hats, it just a set of flat paper, and you need to assemble by yourself. Pom poms can be attached to the assembled hat with complimentary glue dots. Apart from these, the size of the hats is small than normal party hat, it is about the size of a palm.

The other is from Beurio,this set of party hat is in bright color and it also has cute pom poms and its patterns are more lovely,such as the little stars and flowers,and except for white wave dots and lines, it also has colorful wave dots. Like the one above, it should be assembled by yourself. The hats can be used in kids’ ,adults’ ,even pets’ party ,because it is just the right size.

   The Vesil Store has a large order volume, but it received twice as many critical reviews as positive ones. Most of them thought the pom poms can not stick firmly to the cone party hats because the glue dots is weak to hold it, someone had to use the hot glue. And the party hats is so small that only dolls are suitable,maybe the little dog can wear it. What’s more ,the elastic strings seem be thin,it may break if you push hard. Assembling the hats is difficult for some customs too. But there are good ones, some of them thought that the cute hats made their party more wonderful and the price is cheap than other shop.

 As for party hats from Beurio,although its order volume is not high,but it has a delightful color, which make people attracted by it. And they have about the same number of positive and critical reviews. There is same situation that the pom poms can not stick stably on the top of the hats and the hats is not easy to assemble, it waste too much time. This set of hat is expensive than the above one,but its size is bigger and its patterns and color is more adorable.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer the Beurio ’s party hats. What attract me was not only the unique pattern on each hat, but also the light color make me feel more relaxed. Different kinds of hats can bring more fun in party and the happy atmosphere will be better. If you have a kid’s birthday party, you must choose one that has bright color and endearing party hats for her. It is suitable for any age.

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