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The Captain Party Hats

Christmas is approaching ,a festival suitable for party,today let’s take a look at this unique party hat. As is shown in the picture,the hat looks like a captain’s hat.Boys must like it!The black visor effectively blocks out the sun,so if you want to have a party outside,under the sun,this party hat is the perfect choice.Gold […]

The Cat Birthday Party Cone Hats

Today we are going to see a set of cat birthday party hat. Looking at the following picture, the cat’s white and pink head came into view ,with two cute ears.The lovely hat is perfectly suitable for kids .The printed cat faces are adorable,attracting the attention of the children. Each hat measures 4.5 x 7 […]

The Plush Turkey Gobbler Party Hat with Long Neck

Today, let us look at this plush turkey gobbler party hat. From the follow picture ,we can learn that this hat has a novel appearance–turkey, a perfect presence on Thanksgiving.It is made of polyester and cotton,which is skin-friendly and soft, you can wear it comfortably.There is a long neck on the hat and the turkey’s […]

The dress-up party hats

Today I am going to introduce two sets of dress up party hats. As following picture shows,there are six hats that have different shape and kinds—-owl,elephant, crown, colorful feather hair band,banana and helmet with horns. It is perfect for Halloween,birthday,etc. Kids can play a makeup game, each playing a different role,the party will be very […]

The Cone Party Hats With Cartoon Stickers

Today there are some birthday party hats with the decoration of cartoon stickers. First, like the picture ,you can clearly find out that the accessories are separate from the hats,it means that you can DIY your party hats in any way you like. Its size is 4.5’’ diameter* 6.8’’ tall, which is suitable for kids or adults. […]

The Cone Birthday Party hats

There are party hats from two different shops. One is from the Vesil Store ,this set of hats is dark color and has different pattern in each hat,like some are decorated with white or colorful wave dots,which has large dots and small dots, others are decorated with white lines. What’s more, on the top of […]